Ecotourism and Conservation

Sustainable Bolivia supports local and international volunteers interested in making a lasting impact.  We work hard to arrange a mutually beneficial volunteer experience.

Together with two rural communities, Sustainable Bolivia has helped to secure and protect the Aquicuana Reserve, located at 20km from Riberalta. Sustainable Bolivia intends to develop a community-based ecotourism project within the reserve allowing the communities to receive an additional income and also extra activities for the children and teenagers.

We’re looking for volunteers interested in coordinating a community based ecotourism project. They can come up with their own in collaboration with the community and the staff, or help us organize a few ideas that we would like to offer in the Aquicuana Reserve like fishing, camping, trekking, etc. Sustainable Bolivia has also created a small ecological club in the school of the Warnes community, volunteers are welcome take action in it and run it.

The volunteer positions available in Ecotourism and Conservation are the following:

  • Community-based Ecotourism Coordinator
  • Environmental Educator
  • Research Assistant

Throughout the volunteering stay, volunteers can get involved with exciting research and conservation work, environmental education or our ecotourism project. They can also work on biodiversity studies into all types of flora and fauna.

Each image will tell you a little bit more about our different positions

Enviromental Educator

Teach environmental education, plan activities around environmental conservation, recycling and nature. Prepare project with the school and children.

Community based Ecotourisim Coordinator

Promote the Reserve through social media and online platforms. Contact local tourism actors to promote the Reserve. Create content: blogging, photography, videos, promotional materials. Translation/guide-services inside the reserve. Participate to the Fundraising efforts. Assist in reforestation efforts.

Research Assistant

Help researchers look for specific animals in the reserve; make a list of these animals with full name, description and picture, prepare field guides. Write blogs or co-write scientific articles on the work and current species in the reserve.


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