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This Green Guide is meant to educate the SB community in current environmental issues, examine trends in conservation, provide tips and ideas for sustainable living, and to encourage channels of dialogues between volunteers, staff and friends. We urge everyone to contribute ideas and thoughts on how we as an organization can improve our sustainability measures.

Sustainable Bolivia is pleased to welcome you to our first Green Guide! This document is part of our efforts to make life in our shared houses more sustainable and to build an organizational culture that respects not only our beautiful host country, but also the planet we share.

The SB staff hopes you enjoy this guide and are able to employ some of the ideas contained in the documents below. Cheers, good luck, and go green!

The Sustainable Bolivia Fundraising Challenge

If you’d like to find out more information on how to support the work Sustainable Bolivia does, you should check out our 2013 Fundraising Challenge. The page includes lots of information about the work that we do, and the impact Sustainable Bolivia has in Cochabamba. We’re hoping to raise $5000 over the next three weeks, and we need your help! Please consider joining our challenge!