Teen pregnancy in Riberalta

One of the situations that was the most striking for me in Riberalta was to see girls with babies in their arms. Many times, I thought they were girls taking care of their little brothers and sisters, but when I saw them breastfeeding, I understood they were their children. Teen pregnancy rate in Bolivia is […]

Environmental Education in Riberalta

Environmental Education with Students from Casa Segura According to national geographic, by the year 2015 humans had created 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste. Of that number 9 % was recycled, 12% was incinerated, and 79% either ended up in landfills or the natural environment such as oceans and rivers. Here in Riberalta, Bolivia, […]

“La Cabaña”, amazonian ecoproject

    Living in the Amazon is a constant responsibility. Everything here is reduced to the preservation, sustainability and protection of the ecosystem, something that does not seem exaggerated to me, because we are standing in the heart of the planet. Fortunately, today, a total of 20,000 hectares of the Bolivian Amazon are protected thanks […]

Our art resident organises a sustainable Fashion Show

You can find here our youtube video where Sofia explains her action       A sustainable Fashion show   Sophia Hatzikos spent a month with Sustainable Bolivia for an art residency. The young student from Portland, Oregon (United States), used all her creativity in Riberalta to carry out ingenious projects. One of them was […]

Live and Breathe Sustainability

Sustainability Intern – Ida Ketonen By Elise Fjordbakk Here at Sustainable Bolivia, sustainability is pretty important. It’s in our name, the way we work and our way of life. This means we’re dedicated to promote sustainability both within our organisation and in the communities we work with. It’s safe to assume that most people have […]

Ewe, me and Maria: A Day in the (Performing) Life

by Amy Booth I’m looking at the sheep, and the sheep is looking at me. I naively believed this to be an ordinary and unremarkable sheep, but from the way this girl is cowering from it, there is clearly a Pandora’s box of malice behind its blank, ovine eyes. This is probably a sheep that […]

What’s The Coolest Project in Cochabamba?

  By Jessie Maguire   The first thing that came to mind when I interviewed John Connell was that this is one of the coolest and most worthwhile organizations I’ve come across during my 5 years in Bolivia.   Why do People Want to Volunteer in Bolivia So Much?   I sat down and began […]

What the Monkies is Todos Santos (AKA Mast’aku)?!

by Jessie Maguire What is this Todos Santos business all about? Well, Bolivian holidays can certainly be confusing. There are certainly a lot of them – 13 “feriados” in total, which means they come around at least once a month. In the West, we’re certainly not used to this many public holidays, each with its […]

Tricks to Prevent Getting Sick in Bolivia

by Jessie Maguire Diarrhoea anyone? Not the most delightful of topics, that’s for sure. But it can actually be very difficult to avoid getting sick once you’ve arrived in this lovely country, and literally a pain in the bottom when you do! After being in Cochabamba for five years, I never get sick, and I […]

SB Field Trip: EMSA, the Waste Treatment Center of Cochabamba

On a Thursday morning in September, a group of 18 Sustainable Bolivia volunteers and office staff gathered in the main house for a field trip. Destination: the city dump. As part of SB’s efforts over the past several months to raise awareness, accountability, and action toward sustainability, the SB staff organized an outing to the […]