Since I arrived at Sustainable Bolivia in October to work as the National Director, I have been enthusiastic about the opportunity to be surrounded by a staff, volunteers from around the globe, and partner organizations who are dedicated, loving, and impassioned, and who share a common mission to make this world a better place.  Though I knew I was aware that I was working with colleagues of only the highest caliber, I am still staggered by the overwhelming support I have received from the Sustainable Bolivia family after the loss of my father.

Comfort, love and support are the greatest gifts that can be given at a time like this, and the Sustainable Bolivia family has given them abundantly, freely and frequently.  They have made sure that I am not alone, and that I will be ok until I can cross the equator to be with my family during this difficult time.

Friends are indeed miraculous entities in this world no matter how long we’ve known them or how deeply we’ve shared, they’re there when we need them. Thank you to my friends at Sustainable Bolivia for making sure they’re there to catch me if I fall.  It is truly an extraordinary organization that attracts only the most wonderful people.

Muchas Gracias, Michelle