Shared Dinners

At least once a week the Sustainable Bolivia (SB) kitchen is filled with the aroma of exotic recipes and the buzz of many chefs preparing special dishes to share with the community.

The weekly Cena Compartida or potluck dinner is a signature SB community event, bringing the volunteer and wider community together, transcending cultural boundaries, over the uniting act of sharing food! Every week a different theme guides menu and recipe ideas.

There is always abundance as each person contributes a dish to the meal. Meaning no matter how large or small the gathering is, there will be a feast! To ensure a variety of dishes are prepared, the community coordinates what will be served via the SB Facebook social club. Dietary requirements of the community are always taken into consideration with cooks catering for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free diets.

Themes to date have included: Spud bar, Mediterranean, A dish with a story, Around the world, Winter is coming, From the garden, Colors of the Bolivian flag, Latin American, Pizza Night, Burgers, Breakfast for dinner, Tapas, Soup & Salad, Fourth of July, Aqthapi, and many more. During exit interviews, Cena Compartida is repeatedly quoted as a highlight of volunteer’s community experiences. ¡Buen Provecho!