For the past 61 years, the Manuela Gandarillas center for the blind has been offering support and life skills to Cochabamba’s visually impaired population. On a daily basis, the center works with some 50 students to teach them essential skills like how to read braille and navigate the city’s busy streets, as well inspire their creative side by teaching them piano, guitar, chess, dodge ball, knitting, and computer skills. This is especially important for people who have lost their sight later in life, as these activities prepare individuals for everyday activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, cooking and other activities that may have once been easy, but are now challenges. Upon graduation, many students move on to pursue careers in clothing fabrication and as operators with radio taxi companies.

This song was written by music professor Cristian Torrez and performed by the students of Manuela Gandarillas to promote the work of the center and spread awareness about the rights of Cochabamba’s visually impaired population.