Research in Bolivian Amazon

Our mission is to promote the research in a little-known region of Bolivia, while fostering intercultural exchange between international and local researchers.

Sustainable Bolivia offers a unique experience in a beautiful, biodiverse and culturally-rich part of the world, whether you want to do your own research; contribute to some of our existing, ongoing research projects; or, contribute your existing skills and learn new ones while volunteering.

Independent researchers have the chance to work with a research supervisor; Vincent A. Vos.

With Sustainable Bolivia, you will have easy access to the Aquicuana Reserve, and you will meet and work with volunteers from all over the world and locals, each passionate about their field and with their own experiences and expertise to share.

Researchers define and conduct their own research. We welcome researchers interested on a wide variety of topics including: Biological , biodiversity and environmental research, social aspects of the environmental conservation; Tourism, ecotourism, community-based tourism; Native languages; Indigenous populations/communities.

At the moment we are looking for interns/volunteers for the following positions:

  • Independent Research
  • Plant Identification and Mapping
  • Mycology

How it works

Researchers work largely independently on their projects while at Sustainable Bolivia. Our staff is available to assist with planning your research by providing background information and in-depth knowledge of the area and the reserve.

Receiving access to conduct independent research at Sustainable Bolivia includes the following conditions:

    • Submit a short proposal of your study within 10 days of arrival.
    • Give a presentation to Sustainable Bolivia staff and volunteers on your research near the end of your stay.
    • Submit a research report with a detailed methodology section prior to departure.
    • Upload a copy of any raw data to the Sustainable Bolivia archives prior to departure.

Each image will tell you a little bit more about our different positions.

Independent Research

Look for specific animals in the reserve; make a list of these animals with full name, description and picture. Prepare field guides. Write blog or scientific articles on the work and current species in the reserve. Create possible observation projects and promotion activities around fauna and flora to local institutions.

Plant Identification and Mapping

Work alongside local healers and specialists to gather information on morphological characteristics, occurrence, wood, utility, ecological information, phenology, seeds description and seedling production for each species. Take pictures, archive them, list the plants and describe them. Create informational material identifying the names, properties and traditional usages of plants and trees. Develop a map so that locals and guests can traverse the trail, while learning about Amazonian plant medicines.


Cultivation Program: testing and optimizing the process of cultivation. This includes substrate compositions, sterilization methods, inoculation methods, fruiting techniques, etc. Training community members and Pisatahua staff on small-scale sustainable mushroom cultivation. Searching, photographing and documenting wild mushrooms found in the Aquicuana Reserve. Supporting with the preparation of material for an eBook, “Mushrooms of the Bolivian Amazon”.


To apply, please fill and submit the Application Form.

For further questions, please contact us.