We here at Sustainable Bolivia pride ourselves in our ability to connect individuals to a new culture. Many of our volunteers come from overseas, and Bolivia typically presents an environment far different from any they’ve known in their lifetimes.

In the past few months, we were lucky enough to strike a partnership with Presentation Ireland, a non-govermental organization based in Dublin. They seek to promote human rights, social inclusion, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Part of their efforts include an initiative to connect youth in Ireland to non-profits all over the world.

SB documentary intern Jasmine Pitt films in Bolivia.
SB documentary intern Jasmine Pitt films in Bolivia.

We were asked to contribute to their campaign and create a series of videos to show Presentation Ireland what life in Bolivia is really like. Previously, we posted on our blog the first video in this series. After learning about Sustainable Bolivia, Presentation Ireland responded with a video of their own, and presented a number of questions for us to ask our friends in Cochabamba.

We’re proud to present our third video in this series below. Shot and edited by our documentary intern, Jasmine Pitt, we went out to some of our partners to ask them about life and education in Bolivia, Cochabamba’s water wars and the work of our organization’s volunteers. The video features Sustainable Bolivia National Director Ryan Greer, SB intern Grace Schmitz, and SB volunteer Jason James. We’d love to hear your feedback and reactions on the video on our Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

The Sustainable Bolivia 2013 Fundraising Challenge

If you’d like to find out more information on how to support the work Sustainable Bolivia does, you should check out our 2013 Fundraising Challenge. The page includes lots of information about the work that we do, and the impact Sustainable Bolivia has in Cochabamba. We’re hoping to raise $5000 over the next three weeks, and we need your help! Please consider joining our challenge!