Pisatahua: Plant Medicine Retreat

Pisatahua is an integrative plant-medicine retreat, located in the Aquicuana Reserve. Sustainable Bolivia is Pisatahua’s sister non-profit. Sustainable Bolivia also hosts Pisatahua volunteers in our communal home found in the city.

Efforts initiated by Pisatahua and Sustainable Bolivia resulted in the establishment of the 20,000+ hectare Aquicuana Reserve. This area is now protected from agriculture expansion, ranching, logging, mining and natural resource extraction. Sustainable Bolivia, Fundación Amazonia and Pisatahua support the reserve, ensuring that deforestation and degradation of lakes and rivers are alleviated.

Sustainable Bolivia and Pisatahua are independent organizations; however, they are intimately connected through financial and human resource sharing. All Sustainable Bolivia volunteers have access to events and ceremonies organized by Pisatahua.

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Pisatahua :
Facilitates holistic health & consciousness expansion for those seeking a positive life transformation.