Hey guys, say hello to Paul J. Dahlin, Sustainable Bolivia’s new sustainability intern. Paul is from St. Paul, Minnesota, loves everything environmental, and for the next three months will be managing our garden, making locally sourced cleaning and hygiene products, installing greenhouses, revamping our recycling efforts, and handling all aspects of our internal sustainability. And to spread the word, Paul will be writing weekly reports on the latest happenings at SB, here is an example:


Today I’d like to give you guys an update on what is happening around Casa Principal’s main garden.

 First off, the newly planted plot. I decided to use it as an example for companion planting with spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, coriander, and dill. Companion planting helps in many ways, including pest control, soil management, and to maximize space in an urban garden plot. Why leafy veggies and herbs you ask? Well, it’s the late season, and those plants fair better in the milder nights. Plus, we already had the seeds and might as well plant them!


Secondly, the hanging bottle planters. On the brick wall, you’ll find ten planters in four different styles. I’m still figuring out what to plant, but it’ll be a fun experiment to see what type of planter works the best.



Lastly, the mulch and cover plot. Mulch and cover helps keep the soil moist when it comes time to planting the new crop, and it also rejuvenates the soil with some fresh organic matter. This section is still in development, but that’s good news for y’all if anyone is interested.


Sometime in the near future, I want to organize a gardening day. We can figure out what to plant, prep the planters and plot, and get some fresh seed into the soil. You can learn about all the fun stuff outlined above, as well as what you can do back home.

I’m thinking next week sometime, but if it works out better the week after, that’s okay too. Until then, message me if you want to get your green thumb exercised and let’s see what we can do.




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