To begin, you should know that here in Riberalta, the activities arent numerous and the days are quickly long. However, this is an opportunity to get closer to nature, I will give you my impressions of what I have done for the moment.

In the first place, my first outing here was at Bingo, Bingo is a game similar to Loto. This is the family meeting of the weekend. You have a paper with a grid of numbers, just put the chips on the corresponding number, if you have a line or several, according to the rule, Bingo! The atmosphere is nice and very family! We won the first part, it was great!

Then, for the departure of the former national director, we went to Tumichucua! A simply magical place … the charm has directly operated. I was mesmerized by the blue sky, the pontoon, the water and the jungle located in front of us. It was heavenly. We bathed and ate. At the end of the afternoon, I was able to go canoeing freely. I was able to escape the moment of an hour. One of my favorite places here …

It is possible to go boating on the river Madre de Dios, it’s super nice, and if you want to do a typical activity that’s it, in fact it’s not every day that you can do this type of boat on a river in the Amazon. Well expected, a trip to the jungle is also possible! How to miss this! First, you must go by taxi, then arrived there, the change of scenery is total. There are trees as far as the eye can see, gigantic trees. The tropical flora and fauna is dense. In terms of climate, its hot and very very humid, it can even cause vertigo. You have to take a lot of water and something to eat.

Finally, I went to Guyaramerin, it is a city located in Brazil, near the border between Bolivia and Brazil. In 1h30 bus you are there. The landscape is not too changeable, but if we look good, we can find simply magical places. Most Bolivians come here because prices are cheaper than in Riberalta.

Now, I still have many places to discover, my next step: Esmeralda Park!