Language Exchange

Whether you are volunteering or traveling through Bolivia, improving your Spanish language skills will be a priority for you. For language students, volunteers and locals alike, the Sustainable Bolivia (SB) language exchanges are a fun and interactive way to practice language skills and connect with the community.

SB hosts regular language exchanges in the garden and terraced area. Light snacks and refreshments are provided along with guided activities and games such as language speed dating, detective, celebrity heads, commonality, find another seat, inside outside circle, and time for free talking. You will improve your confidence and be asking for directions, ordering out and making friends with your “casera (regional term in Spanish for stall holder) in no time. This is a perfect activity to meet a partner to coordinate your own private language exchanges more frequently to boost your language level. With an ever changing population of volunteers, the language exchange often incorporates additional languages into the mix and individuals can choose which they would prefer to focus on.

For those seeking to further their language studies, SB also offers introduction workshop on indigenous languages of the Bolivian Amazon; in addition to private language classes.