Traveling is the best way to discover, the best way to learn! This sum up represents the three best lessons of this two months of work.

My favourite part of this experience was to discover nature, a real one: autonomous, spontaneous, without hard human activities! I discovered an amazing biodiversity, especially on reptiles, amphibians and birds. I really enjoyed walking hours and hours during the night in the rain forest. Finally, I learned that we just have to do nothing… just to protect it from ourselves (meaning you and I). Only communities really know it and respect it. They are the only ones who can enjoy living in it without modifying it. This green Bolivian treasure is definitely one that we should not exploit.

crocodile nature aquicuana reserve

The second lesson was the Bolivian heart. I had the chance to live in a Bolivian family. I saw their culture, their knowledge, their way of life and their language. They took me with them all the time: for their lunches, their parties and their adventures. I never got bored. This family does the best to let you discover and learn the Bolivian life.

The third favourite part was the other volunteers. It’s always difficult to work and live with your colleagues… but this time, the atmosphere was good. With them, you could work, relax, speak about everything. They are with you when you need some help for your work. But they are here too when you want to dance, visit factories, go on field to see animals etc.

At the end, this experience was a natural one… a familial one… a friendly one!

friend discover culture party