One of the ways that Sustainable Bolivia seeks to impact the local community of Cochabamba is by providing scholarships and financial assistance to young adults who wish to further their education but lack the means to do so. Although our scholarship recipients all have unique stories, most have been juggling work and school since a young age and several come from broken homes and backgrounds of abuse and domestic violence. By working side by side with social care organizations such as Mosoj Yan and PAI Tarpuy, the Sustainable Bolivia scholarship program acts as a continuation of their development and a real opportunity for these students to achieve personal and financial independence. Over the years, Sustainable Bolivia has seen 7 scholarship recipients graduate from their respective programs and pursue careers in their fields of study, while an additional 5 recipients continue to pursue their studies at local universities or technical institutes.

One such scholarship recipient, Julia Molina, has recently graduated from her corte and confección program at a local technical insitute. With the help of Sustainable Bolivia and Mosoj Yan, Julia now has a technical degree as a seamstress and a means with which to provide for herself. Learn more about Julia Molina by watching this short documentary that was filmed and edited by Paula Weik.

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