I am the kind of traveler who wants to visit as many different parts of the world as possible. For the first time of my life, I decided to return in a previous destination : Riberalta. Why ? Let me explain. Some destinations, are just so special that even the most adventurous travelers want to return again and again. For me Riberalta was this kind of place.

The destinations that draw me back are the ones where I feel a connection with the place or the culture, a need to explore more and dive beneath the surface.
Beautiful tourist sights are well and good, but it’s something different that bring me back in Bolivia: the welcome you get from the local people that leaves a true lasting impression. I can finish checking a bucket list of sights, but I can never stop learning about people and their cultures.

Nature is an element that can be important for many people, watching the sunset melting into the river’s water, the view from the Eco-lodge in the middle of the Amazonian after a comfortable night, spending our Sundays on Tumichucua lake with barbecue, jet ski and beers, hiking on the green lung and be amazed by all the sounds ― these are all moments in time you are physically present and treasure, causing a desire to repeat them. Riberalta, is very out of the way, but I would never be bored.

It’s so special and so one-of-a-kind, even the animals and fauna are unique. This destination appeal to all the senses. I believe gastronomy plays an important factor. When I go to the market, I’m always happy to shop at small traders (far from the big shopping centers of my country). My evening ritual is to take a big glass of Açai in the central square. A concentrate of vitamins and antioxidants as good for the body as morale. Even after my first experience, I can still feel the ‘wow’ aspect of so much to see and experience.
In addition, Riberalta is a destination which is very relaxing. I never feel stress, rush or bad mood. Here we learn to live simply but well!

For all travelers, I’d recommend returning to destinations because it’s a great opportunity to see the
parts of town or parts of a country you missed the first time, maybe get to more obscure areas
beyond the highlights, and get a deeper appreciation of the people, culture or landscape you’ve
come to see !