I was overwhelmed by a lot of emotions: flavors, colors, smells… different cultures that mixed up, painting the portrait of another world!

Everything started with a small propeller plane that would have brought me to Riberalta: “the pearl of the amazon” and the mysterious coincidence of finding dawn Alba and Erik my first companions of this adventure.

At high altitude the small bombardier of the amazon airlines was struggling to stabilize due to the air pockets and my hands began to sweat.

Don’t worry! I looked out the window and found a natural tranquilizer: the magic amazon! An expanse of intense green,  interrupted gently by a majestic river that branches off like a snake…wonderful!

We arrived at the airport and an American guy “Erik”, responsible for the NGO, was waiting for us. He lives here because of his love and passion, showed us the common house and our rooms and after we had a little briefing on our volunteering activity.

I will work in an orphanage. I thought…good! In my way I can help in a concrete way the community.

Last year my father died and so… what a better opportunity to open my heart and help others!?

Turn negative energies into positive ones…that is my way!

I was happy but at the same very nervous…it was a new and intense experience…how could I help?! Was I ready for it?! All doubts and uncertainties vanished suddenly at the entrance to the orphanage when two children greeted me with a worm hug and big smile!

I felt at home! Their spontaneity and authentic selves were disarming, from that precise moment I realized that destiny had brought me there not only to help but, above all to, to learn and return to appreciate the important things in life!

The orphanage called “Hogar Cristo Te Salva” is run by a Swiss woman called “mimi” and her Bolivian “Federico” husband.

I was shocked by how much love and dedication was given each day to empower the growth and development of these children in search of a new opportunities.

It seems like living in a large family where everyone collaborates with each other’s.

It is a form of cooperation and solidarity that is inspiring and we should take example.

The work consists of a variety of duties: from cooking to helping to do homework or just playing football ( a sport loved by both children and girls)

In short you have to get busy by learning every day!

I must be honest…at the end of the day, the first two weeks I was physically exhausted but before going to bed I was and still satisfied, and their smiles filled my heart…that makes it all worth it.

Finally, a purpose to get up in the morning, determinated to grow as a man and as a citizen of this world!