Sustainable Bolivia (SB) was a world away for me and getting to Riberalta from the UK was an experience within itself. However, despite SB being so far from my comfort zone the welcoming vibe meant that I quickly felt at home. The various group activities also gave me the opportunity to get to know my housemates more. This is also because I had a great house manager who ensured we had quality house activities.

The volunteering side of SB is also incredibly rewarding. I worked at one of the orphanages (Casa Segura) teaching English at the kids there are amazing. They were welcoming and the ones I taught came to class voluntarily. Also the ethos of the orphanage is one to be admired as kids are allowed to stay there until they are ready to leave just like any family household so the kids, they range from toddlers to 20 year olds and they have a happy environment as they all seem to be very close and are surrounded by domestic animals which they help tend to.

Overall Sustainable Bolivia has been an incredible experience. You are fully involved in the local community so you get a full feel for the quiet charm Riberalta provides as the locals are incredibly friendly. Definitely learn Spanish though because my conversations have been limited to “sorry I don’t speak Spanish”.

riberalta sustainable bolivia volunteer