After a good week punctuated by meetings with the tourist institutions of Riberalta, it’s finally the weekend! Let show you how can be a classic Sunday in Riberalta!

Brazilian coffee and fresh fruits for breakfast: a classic!

The day starts with a delicious breakfast with Brazilian coffee, fresh fruits like pineapple, banana, some cheese and yuca bread (cuñape!) and finally fresh bread that looks like just a French baguette (my favourite, of course!) called Marequita. A perfect start for a Sunday!

Then, I went to the second-hand market with Chloé and Bruno. After a little moto ride, we stroll in the middle of all these clothes in search of the special one. For me, I didn’t need a lot of time to found a perfect classy shirt. And I really needed one, because I didn’t expect to meet soooo many important people during my internship! But, now I’m ready! Later, we drank a wonderful vitamin juice on the market to give us strength for the rest of the day.

Going for a swim in the Tumichuqua lake: what’s more relaxing?

Indeed, every Sunday we can spend all the day or just the afternoon there. For this time, I asked if it was possible to go to the island. How I could describe this sensation? It was a perfect mix between the excitation of the discovery and wonder in front of this nature still intact and protected. And it was 100% better than I expected!

The guide started the tour by the biggest and the oldest tree of the forest. When we approached the land, we saw an enormous reptile going away. It looked like a small Komodo dragon but greener on the back and yellow on the belly. After few steps on the forest we met the king of the jungle! It’s so big that it’s impossible for me to take a picture of it from the roots to the top. After several attempts, I decided to practice the sylvotherapy with this tree.

But what it is? Sylvotherapy consists to improve the state of health of the body and the mind by the contact with the energy of the trees. How can you do it? It’s really easy especially when you have such a huge tree in front of you. At the beginning it is enough to approach the hands of the tree, palms open. You can quickly feel an energy flowing between your hands and bark of the tree. Finally, after that you can put your hands on the bark of the tree, close your eyes and fell the vibes of the nature. Ok, I know it seems a little weird if you’ve never done it. But I promise you that it is enough to be sensitive to appreciate this moment. But beware this king of the forest was well kept. Indeed, around we saw tree reptilian eggs either a snake or those of the big lizard we had seen before. Nature clearly has all its rights here and we are just visitors.

When we left the place, it wasn’t the end of the adventure. Like big kids we went up to the back of the 4×4 to enjoy the sight, speed and excitement of this adventure. On the return we made a last stop on a farm to discover the different fruit trees that exist here. After falling in love to a very cute puppy we had the chance to put “make up” with the fruits that can be found here and we were like amazon women. And it was on this precious moment of sharing that we ended the day by returning quietly to Riberalta, the back of the 4×4 loaded with three large children and many “Toronjas”.