Conflicting Elections in Bolivia

Author : Charlotte Spieker Following the Bolivian elections, which were held on the 20th october of 2019, thousands of people have been gathering in the streets to protest the current president Evo Morales. Evo Morales has been the president of Bolivia for three terms, since 2006, and is the first indigenous president. Usually a presidency […]

Día de la Mujer Boliviana

On October 11, Bolivian Women’s Day was celebrated. This date is of special importance, not only because it is one of the few countries that have two special days to commemorate the female sex, but because Bolivia still has much to do in this regard and it is hopeful that there will be a base […]

Presentation of Aquicuana Reserve to the local Tourist Fair

Last Friday,  volunteers of the house participated at the local fair of Riberalta for the tourism week. All volunteers participated and added their personal touch and knowledge. It was also the perfect occasion for them to discover self-made products made by the Riberaltenos. For exaple jewels, home decoration, and other accessories, created from local materials […]

Motorcycles in Riberalta

In Riberalta, children invariably go through the same rites of passage as they grow older. First they learn how to crawl. Then they learn how to walk. Then they learn how to ride motorcycles. Indeed, if one were to sit down to enjoy an ice-cold acai in the main plaza, one would immediately notice the […]

The fire of the Amazon

The Amazon is known as the lungs of our planet, since 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is thanks to this large area of ​​forests and rainforests. It is so immense and with such biodiversity, that 25% of the world’s species are found in the Amazon. It is so important also because it is […]

September 4th: National Protected Areas Day in Bolivia

Bolivia, one of the 15 most mega-diverse countries on the planet, has a National Protected Areas System with 22 national protected areas covering over 15% of its national territory. In addition, and complementary to the national system, Bolivia also has departmental, municipal and private protected areas. Working closely with Aquicuana Reserve, in the Beni department […]

Teen pregnancy in Riberalta

One of the situations that was the most striking for me in Riberalta was to see girls with babies in their arms. Many times, I thought they were girls taking care of their little brothers and sisters, but when I saw them breastfeeding, I understood they were their children. Teen pregnancy rate in Bolivia is […]

The challenge of introducing First Aid in a two-wheeled city

Motorbikes, motorbikes, motorbikes and even more motorbikes. Walking? No. It’s the first observation that caught my attention when I arrived in Riberalta. The fascinating natural wealth of the Bolivian Amazon cannot boast of having public transport. However, motorbikes are not just individual transports. In Riberalta, the seat is always optimized, helmets don’t even exist, four-people […]

Safari in the Amazons: an adventure in the Pampas del Yacuma

Going to the Pampas of Yacuma was a coincidence of the destiny and turned out to be a “must” on the checklist if you are in the Bolivia. I had heard about Madidi Park in Rurrenabaque, but never about this hidden gem in the depths of Santa Rosa del Yacuma, a small city located about […]

Process Over Product

  The presence of creative expression in ones life can make a difference in almost all aspects of their life experience. How one feels emotionally and even physically can be changed through the process of making art. The physical motion of manipulating a pencil, crayon, or paintbrush is enabling youth to practice and refine motor […]