Ewe, me and Maria: A Day in the (Performing) Life

by Amy Booth I’m looking at the sheep, and the sheep is looking at me. I naively believed this to be an ordinary and unremarkable sheep, but from the way this girl is cowering from it, there is clearly a Pandora’s box of malice behind its blank, ovine eyes. This is probably a sheep that […]

What’s The Coolest Project in Cochabamba?

  By Jessie Maguire   The first thing that came to mind when I interviewed John Connell was that this is one of the coolest and most worthwhile organizations I’ve come across during my 5 years in Bolivia.   Why do People Want to Volunteer in Bolivia So Much?   I sat down and began […]

Shelby’s Experience With Vivo En Positivo (And How Dating Apps CAN Aid Your Career)

by Jessie Maguire On Nov 9th, 2015, I interviewed Shelby Marie about her fascinating work with HIV/AIDS and Sustainable Bolivia partner organization Vivo en Positivo. She told me how interning and volunteering has improved her career prospects: it has allowed her to move into her chosen field, travel, work on her Spanish and get some […]

The Weaving Traditions of Huancarani

In the last few months, Sustainable Bolivia film intern Jasmine Pitt worked in Independencia, Bolivia to support the efforts of the Project Artesanía Zona Andina. The video below gives an insight into the lives of the women’s weaving collective the project started and their efforts to preserve natural dying and weaving techniques in rural Bolivia.

August Día De Trabajo: A Day at Atendi

Each month, the staff at Sustainable Bolivia coordinates a día de trabajo (work day) where all the volunteers can join forces and offer the help of a big group to one of its partner organizations.This month, the organization selected was Atendi, a center for children with physical and developmental disabilities. Atendi, which works to provide […]

Scholarship Program Funded by Rotary Munchen Flughafen

Sustainable Bolivia recently received a sponsorship from Rotary Munchen Flughafen in Germany to fund 7 university or vocational scholarships for the next four years. The funding allows Sustainable Bolivia to add two scholarship recipients to our five current scholars. One scholarship is to begin in June, and the other scholarship will be awarded in January […]

Sopa de Mani, Made From an Energy Efficient Stove

One of our favorite soups here in Bolivia is sopa de maní (peanut soup). In an effort to promote their new stove design, CECAM held a demonstration fair to show people how their cooker works by preparing 30 liters of this delicious soup. The new stove uses wood as fuel but hardly produces any harmful […]