Bolivian Bicycle Adventure

Although we love Cochabamba, sometimes you just need to get out of town and remind yourself what a dynamic and diverse country Bolivia is. With rented bikes, basic camping gear, 45 Peanut Bars, and a loose idea of where they were going, Sustainable Bolivia staff members Jonathan McCarthy and Eric Di Bari set out on […]

Cleaning up the Cristo; A SB volunteer takes action

On a Saturday morning, a handful of SB volunteers gathered at the casa principal to hike up to the top of “the Cristo.” They do this hike often, but this time the group is equipped with a supply of trash bags and some rubber gloves. The mini-mission for today is to do something about the […]

Volunteer Brainstorm: How to Jumpstart Action Toward Sustainability?

In the casa principal of Sustainable Bolivia, a group of staff and volunteers gathered to share pizza and ideas about how to become more active toward sustainability goals. The meeting started with a brainstorming session: imagine SB in one year from now as the most sustainable organization in Bolivia, and list on post-it notes what […]

CECAM Donates Stove to Landslide Victims in La Paz

In early June, Sustainable Bolivia’s partner organisation CECAM donated a new prototype of a lage-scale efficient wood-burning stove to the victims of what has been called the worst landslide in recent Bolivian history. More than 1300 families in the Pampahasi area of La Paz lost their homes and belongings in the disaster. The stove is […]

Scholarship Program Funded by Rotary Munchen Flughafen

Sustainable Bolivia recently received a sponsorship from Rotary Munchen Flughafen in Germany to fund 7 university or vocational scholarships for the next four years. The funding allows Sustainable Bolivia to add two scholarship recipients to our five current scholars. One scholarship is to begin in June, and the other scholarship will be awarded in January […]

World Recycling Day 2011

Since it is World Recycling Day, we would like to share a project Sustainable Bolivia volunteers recently completed for one of our partner organizations —recycling bins made out of plastic bottles. Volunteer Robyn Lambert will donate the bins to a local school through her volunteer organization, PAAC; these will be their first recycling bins. The […]

Scholarship Fundraiser Results Are In!

During the month of April, Sustainable Bolivia held a scholarship fundraiser with the goal of raising $3,000 to put towards the expenses of our scholarship recipients. After a month of campaigning, our donations (through ChipIn, Paypal, and in cash) added up to a grand total of $4,000! We sincerely thank everyone who donated, because every […]

Scholarship Recipients Discuss their Studies [VIDEO]

We are pleased to share the work of our current film intern, Molly Robbins in the following brief video highlighting a few of our Sustainable Bolivia Scholarship Recipients. Hear their stories and dreams as they study for a better future for themselves and their communities. Please consider a donation to our Scholarship Fundraiser by clicking […]

Sustainable Bolivia Scholarship Fundraiser

One of the best ways for Sustainable Bolivia to facilitate a sustainable and just future in Cochabamba is investment in human capacity: education, opening opportunities, and creating space for collaboration. Not only do we provide support and experience to our partner organizations through volunteer projects, we seek to support the potential of local youth through […]

Sopa de Mani, Made From an Energy Efficient Stove

One of our favorite soups here in Bolivia is sopa de maní (peanut soup). In an effort to promote their new stove design, CECAM held a demonstration fair to show people how their cooker works by preparing 30 liters of this delicious soup. The new stove uses wood as fuel but hardly produces any harmful […]