It has been a week since I arrived in Riberalta and I have the feeling that many things have happened. When I arrived, seeing the Amazon from the plane was a very shocking moment for me. It was the first time that I finally saw with my own eyes something of what I had heard so many times, and I could not believe that I was on the other side of the pond seeing it for myself.

Life in Riberalta is very different from the life to which I am used to live. The first days was a big shock. Although I had already seen pictures of the town and the jungle, you need to come here to really understand what life is like here. People are extremely friendly, they speak in a very sweet and cheerful way, and they always try to help you. The music sounds on the street constantly, the food is also very different, and I often try different fruits or typical dishes for the first time. Life is quite calm, people do not rush everywhere, and you learn to fill your time with activities that you normally do not have time to do.

Two days after arriving, I visited the jungle and saw the new cabins where some of the volunteers are staying. I really thought it was a spectacular place, with a very special energy totally immersed in nature. In short, a unique place perfect to disconnect from civilization and have an introspective look. The rest of the days I have been working on the sustainable tourism project, thinking about the activities that can be done with the tourists in a responsible way in the Aquicuana Reserve and how to promote it to make it known, and with the benefits to help the local economy . In addition, the idea is also that tourists know the Amazon of Bolivia, certainly cheaper and less tourist than the Amazon of Brazil, and with the same biodiversity.

But without any doubt, the most exciting thing for me was the weekend. On Saturday we went to the Esmeralda Park. It is a park that is in the middle of the jungle, where you can swim in the natural lakes, although it started to rain it was a warm rain and it did not bother. On Sunday we went to Lake Tumichicua, which is on the outskirts of Riberalta, and it is one of the most magical places I have been.

In short, I recommend 100% this experience, if you want to live something really different, break with your routine, and learn about a new culture and ways of living. You will not regret!