Sustainable Bolivia offers accommodation options based on personal preferences and convenience.

Volunteers can choose to stay in the Aquicuana Reserve or in the city of Riberalta. In the city we offer accommodation in a large communal home with other volunteers and staff or with a local family.

Aquicuana Reserve

The Aquicuana Reserve (Área Protegida y Reserva Natural Aquicuana) is an area of 20.000 hectares with incredible biodiversity. It is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Riberalta in the Beni Department of the Bolivian Amazon. It is home to Lake San José, the plant-medicine retreat center Pisatahua, and two rural communities: San José and Warnes. Its name, Aquicuana, comes from the Tacana native language, meaning ‘land of the giant trees.’

At the Aquicuana Reserve, volunteers/interns receive a shared and comfortable dorm and food.

The Motacu Research Station is home to all volunteers/interns that
want to contribute to the sustainable development of the community and
the protection of the area. Volunteers/Interns that choose to stay at
the Aquicuana Reserve will be able to have direct and frequent contact with this land and it’s communities.

This accommodation option is applicable for all of our volunteer programs.


Communal Home

Sustainable Bolivia provides volunteers/interns the opportunity to stay in a fully furnished large house in downtown Riberalta. Only a short walk to the main plaza, the central market and a beautiful spot in the riverside to watch sunsets. All of our rooms are quiet, spacious and safe. The central location provides easy access to Riberalta’s cultural/nightlife activities.

Our communal home features a fully stocked kitchen, an office space, furnished rooms (shared or private) with free cleaning services, clean drinking water and wireless internet access. Volunteers/Interns that choose to stay in our Communal Home will be able to go to the Aquicuana Reserve whenever is needed by taxi for around 8 $ or (if possible) take a ride with a staff member.

This accommodation option is available for volunteers/interns interested in our NGO support program and Art Residents.


We believe that total immersion is the most effective method to improve one’s Spanish and gain insight into Bolivian realities. With this in mind, Sustainable Bolivia provides homestay accommodations with carefully selected families in Riberalta. Homestay volunteers/interns receive a private and comfortable room and three home cooked meals a day.

Probably the most valuable aspect of the homestay experience is the chance to integrate oneself into the daily lives and activities of a local family; to exchange stories, improve language skills, make new friends, and experience Bolivian warmth and hospitality.

This accommodation option is available for volunteers/interns interested in our NGO support program and Art Residents.