After several months of travel with her husband, Caroline Robertson showed up at the doorstep of the SB offices looking for a volunteer placement and a way to get involved. Below is a short snippet from a blog post that she wrote for her partner organization, Yo Voy a Ti.

“After volunteering at a small rural school in the more affluent Chile, my honeymoon took my hubby and I across the desert border to return to a country I visited seven years ago. A place I recall being full of politics, protests, poverty, inequality and charm: ‘Bolivia la Linda’.  I chose to work on another educational project because I believe education can be the route out of poverty.  It’s also what I do best.  I chose Bolivia because, in a country with twice the population of Scotland, half are below the national poverty line.”

“Although impact may be tricky to measure, particularly for NGOs, I believe the Yo Voy A Ti charity is certainly impacting on the communities in which it operates.  Giving skilled volunteers free reign to develop their chosen project potentially allows each individual to make a difference.  In my case, I have seven years’ experience of community and mainstream, public and charity teaching, both at home and overseas. Here I have a fantastic opportunity to get the classes further established, resourced and attended.  The aim is to leave behind a functioning, sustainable English school that the next teachers can continue to build up without the need for much financial input.”

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