As we have explained in a previous blog, one of the works of Sustainable Bolivia is to study biodiversity in the Aquicuana reserve with several objectives, for example to develop ecotourism in the region.

Every year several species disappear and natural habitats are being destroyed due to over exploitation. The role of Sustainable Bolivia is to protect the 20,000 hectares of the Reserve so that it does not happen. For that we have several projects which you can discover on the NGO’s website. If you are interested in protecting and conserving nature, it is definitely worth coming to Riberalta to support Sustainable Bolivia in its work.

One of the greatest strengths of the Reserve is its diversity in terms of birds. Thanks to the work of the local biologist Vincent Vos, with the help of our volunteers, we have already registered more than 300 birds in the Aquicuana Reserve itself, which would be more birds in these 20,000 hectares than a country like the Netherlands. We have discovered exactly 302 species of birds, but we know there are more to see and to register yet.

Aquicuana is also one of the few places where you can observe the Masked Antpitta (Tororoi Riberalteño). This bird is endemic to the Riberalta region and has been classified as vulnerable. The nature reserve is very important for its conservation and perhaps it is the place where we can find more this type of birds. The Masked Antpitta is an example among many other birds and animals.

With a camera or binoculars and a field guide for identification, you can spend whole days observing birds of all types, sizes and colors. It is for this reason that we are currently creating a field guide to identify all the species that live in Aquicuana. The observation can be preceded by a walk to reach the various observation points of the reserve. During the walk, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the rest of Aquicuana’s fauna and flora, accompanied by a guide from the region.

Right now, we are preparing for the Big Day that will be on October 6, a day where birds will be registered everywhere in the world, and it will be a competition between the countries to determine which has more birds. We hope to register even more birds in the Aquicuana Reserve, discover new species, but also use this day to promote it and show the potential of scientific tourism.

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