In February 2009, Sustainable Bolivia’s staff met to develop a new system to aid our partner organizations while providing increased transparency and volunteer/intern involvement. As such, the Mini-Grant program was born. Sustainable Bolivia volunteers and interns who can devote at least a month to our program are eligible to participate . In 2012, Sustainable Bolivia’s Mini-Grant program helped to fund over 60 projects at our various partner organizations.

Impact and Community Involvement

Unlike most foreign aid organizations, Sustainable Bolivia’s volunteers are in the unique position of working at the recipient location with first-hand knowledge of their most desperate needs. Working alongside local staff, volunteers and interns will design a project, or make purchases, to address these needs.

Each volunteer is given $75 per month to help fund a project or purchase goods at his/her volunteer placement. This money can be accumulated in cases where the volunteer has not used the funds for a particular project, meaning that subsequent volunteers have had access to significant sums to fund their work. In all cases, the ways of spending mini-grant money is decided in complete collaboration with the staff and directors at the volunteer’s placement.

Accountability and Transparency

Sustainable Bolivia’s Mini-Grant program provides our volunteers with additional responsibilities and helps to incorporate them into their place of work. Additionally, it provides increased transparency, assuring that the funds are appropriately spent and reach their intended recipients.

In an effort to better document how Sustainable Bolivia delegates financial resources to its partners, we keep a detailed list of project expenditures on our Mini-Grant page.

2012 Mini-Grant Report

In the first half of 2013, Sustainable Bolivia worked to compile more detailed information on finished Mini-Grant projects undertaken in 2012. Below is a report which details a few selected projects from 2012 and their outcomes. Learn about the great work of our volunteers and please help us share the good news!

2012 Mini Grant Report