Promoting Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Through International Collaboration with Local Bolivian Initiatives


Who is Sustainable Bolivia?

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Bolivia (SB) is a 501 (c) 3 international non-profit organization with conservation and sustainable development initiatives in the Bolivian Amazon.

Our Work in the Aquicuana Reserve

In 2016, we helped secure protection for more than 20,000 hectares of rainforest, establishing the Aquicuana Reserve. Inside the Reserve, we partner with local communities and oversee projects focused on community-based ecotourism, conservation and resource management, and environmental education/research.

Our Work in Riberalta

In the nearby city of Riberalta, SB supports local organizations with volunteer placements and micro-grant funding.  We provide local scholarships and organize internshipsart residencies, and research opportunities for international students and professionals.  We also oversee a Spanish and Indigenous Language School providing instruction in the native Chacobo, Cavineño and Ese Ejja languages.

Volunteer with Sustainable Bolivia

Sustainable Bolivia oversees a vibrant volunteer program. We organize social gatherings, workshops and lectures.

Our staff coordinates volunteer placements with projects focused on education, NGO support, ecotourism and sustainability. We have an art residency program and organize independent research residencies.

Volunteer and Research Opportunities

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